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Consulting and Price Changes

Effective immediately, I will no longer be doing free consultations. I planned to eventually phase this out, but after a few incidents with clients who requested my services, spent time with me on a free call, agreed to work with me, and then ghosted me, I have decided to implement pricing on any consultation that takes place over video conferencing/phone. My time is valuable, and the time I’ve spent on people who flaked was time that I could’ve spent working on paid projects. This change is intended to weed out potential clients that aren’t serious.

The price for an initial consultation will be $100, with a one-hour time limit (though I’m flexible on this), payable up front. As with coaching, I will not prorate consultation calls.

There are consultants who will happily talk to people for free, promise them the world, and try to sell one package or another. Anyone who’s spoken with me will tell you that I take a different tack: my primary goal is to understand my clients’ needs.

I will also be increasing my hourly prices this year. I have not decided on how much or when these increases will be implemented, but they will not affect existing clients.

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