To better understand my process and prices, please contact me for a video/phone consultation.

As the college application season progresses, time management becomes crucial to this process. I may send reminders as a courtesy, but it is ultimately up to the applicant/client to manage their calendars and other responsibilities. When applicants are late in submitting essays for edits or reviews, it creates friction points in my schedule and workflow.

It is imperative that applicants/clients understand that I rigidly enforce deadlines. Any work that comes in after an agreed-upon deadline will incur a $200 fee for each project, and missed appointments will incur full billing for my time.


Anything submitted 7 or fewer days before a deadline will be charged at 2x the rates below.

$600 flat rate essay edits for one school or Common App Personal Statement

$1600  3 schools

$2250 5 schools

Contact for other rates/packages. ALL PACKAGES MUST BE PAID IN FULL, IN ADVANCE


$300 Common Application Personal Statement, review only (details here)

Coaching/consultations* (no edits): LIMITED AVAILABILITY THROUGH DECEMBER 2023

Initial consultations are $100 for up to one hour. We can talk about as many schools/supplemental essays as you want. Suspended until January 2024.

$400 one-hour coaching session

$900 3 one-hour coaching sessions

$1200 5 one-hour coaching sessions

*I do not prorate coaching consultations under one hour. There is a one-hour minimum for coaching sessions.

Coaching/consultation/edit packages: LIMITED AVAILABILITY

$1000 1 coaching session and edit for 1 school

$2000 3 coaching sessions and edits for 1-3 schools

$3000 5 coaching sessions and edits for 1-5 schools

Custom coaching consultation/edit packages:

On request.

Retainer packages (1 – 6 months): NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR THE 2023-2024 CYCLE

Details on request by paid consultation only.

Other Work:

For my rates on other types of work – executive messaging, speechwriting, ghost writing, screenwriting*, marketing, copywriting etc. – please contact me with a detailed description of the project and your needs. You may also visit my portfolio site here (please note, there are no examples of college essays on my portfolio).