Are you just a graduate student? What are your qualifications?

I am not a graduate student. I actually deferred a graduate program at Columbia to pursue my writing career almost a decade ago.

My qualifications:

• BA, cum laude, in English literature from Columbia University, where I focused on 19th century literature in English (though I wrote my honors thesis on the modernist poet Harry Crosby).

• I’ve been a college application essay editor for the largest college admissions consulting firm in America since 2016. I exclusively work with college consultants: all former and current admissions officers and directors. I have edited over 2000 essay packages (Common Application/other personal statements and suites of supplemental application essays, which equates to well over 6000 individual essays), and I am currently the firm’s most-requested editor.

• I’ve been coaching and editing for private clients since 2015, strictly through word of mouth and in partnership with independent college consultants. I’ve helped clients gain admission to T20 colleges, win competitive scholarships (including a full ride to a T10), write compelling letters of continued interest, and craft personal statements that have aided them in gaining entry to some of the top-ranked academic programs in the country.

• I’ve been writing professionally f/t for the last ten years. I was chosen from over 200 applicants to become the first editorial hire at Ashton Kutcher’s start-up A Plus, which was acquired by Chicken Soup For The Soul in 2016. I may be the only college application essay editor to have written lyrics for a Billboard-charting hard rock album. You can see (and hear) samples of my writing on my professional portfolio.

So, are you a college consultant?

No, though I am a member of the National Association for College Admission Consulting (NACAC). College consultants work with students on positioning, test prep, extra-curricular activities, etc. I can speak to some of that, but my area of expertise is in helping students develop essays that will make them as competitive as possible. College consultants typically offer outlining or general advice on the essay, then leave it to the student to figure it out. My approach varies according to the students’ needs.

Do you have essay samples from your clients?

I don’t share samples from students due to privacy concerns. I take my clients’ privacy very seriously.

Do you accept international clients?

Yes. I’ve worked with students from Europe, China, Southeast Asia, India, and various parts of the Middle East.

Do you work with students with learning disabilities?

Yes. I’ve worked with students with dyslexia and ADHD. I know how challenging these essays can be for students with those particular conditions. In such cases, however, it’s especially important to make sure that there’s a good fit. We can discuss this in a general consultation.

Do you work with students applying to graduate, MBA, medical, or law school?

Yes, including residency, deferred, and 2+2 programs. There are differences in each that require special care.

What do you think about ChatGPT?

I’ve done private consulting on AI/LLMs (ChatGPT clones), and I think people who praise its “eloquence” should read more – and better – books, as their adulation suggests a serious decline in literacy. I don’t use it, nor will I work with clients who use it in their writing. As with most innovations lauded and feared by the general public, the technology is more interesting than the execution. Author Ted Chiang has offered far more interesting observations on ChatGPT than I care to, and I recommend this one in particular.

Can I send you my essay to look over?

You can, but if you want me to look at it and offer feedback, you’ll need to schedule a consultation. I delete unsolicited essays.

If you have other questions about my services or college application essays, please schedule a consultation.