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New Service: $300 Common App Personal Statement Review

I am now offering reviews of the Common Application Personal Statement for students who would like actionable, detailed feedback on their CAPS. My reviews cover syntax, thematic and narrative consistency/cohesion, grammar, spelling, academic sophistication, redundancy analysis, word choice and whatever else I see fit. In addition to in-text/sidebar comments, I will also provide separate editorial commentary about the relative strengths and/or weaknesses of the essay as a whole.

I will not provide edits, changes, or corrections of any kind, though I may make suggestions. This service is best utilized by clients who consider or know themselves to be strong writers, and are looking for outside professional help from someone with experience. It is not intended to replace my coaching or editing services, and follow-up requests will be priced accordingly, i.e., if you want me to review your CAPS after you’ve edited it according to my guidance, it will cost the same as the initial review.

The price is $300. Turnaround time will be 72 hours at most. Payment must be received in advance and CAPS must be submitted in MS Word format: I do not work on Google Documents. The prompt should appear at the top of the document.

ESSAY MECHANIC’S NOTE: Yes, I increased the price on August 1st.

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